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“Schnell Putz” is a leading brand name for premium quality Dry mix products. We offer premium high-quality products, advanced know-how, timely technical assistance and unlimited customer service. Schnell Putz is able to meet most challenging product requirements to provide effective solutions to the construction market and building industry. We achieve customer satisfaction through quality management, high technical expertise and quality services on a wide range of Dry mix products. The advanced state-of-the-art Schnell Putz automated plant ensures a continuous control over the production process assuring constant quality of the products offered. Schnell Putz offers a wide range of machines for the mixing and application of the products providing customers savings in time & work force. The automated mixing machines assure continuous quality control in the application process.


Schnell Putz quality standards are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Raw materials and finished products are subjected to strict quality control checks by the QC department ensuring confirmation with international product specifications as per BS EN/ASTM standards. Schnell Putz In-house technical lab is equipped with all equipments required for the testing of raw materials and finished plaster products.


In construction industry the technical support plays an important role. Schnell Putz offers experienced and dedicated on time technical team to support our customers. The premium quality of the products and technical services ensure the total customer satisfaction to meet most challenging expectations. Schnell Putz support is distinct by the continuous development producing high quality Dry mix products and technical services with more than a decade of experience in the region.


Schnell Putz is an Eco-friendly company dedicated towards a clean work environment and LEED products. The company is committed to produce eco-friendly LEED complied products by harvesting regional raw materials and dust free manufacturing/application process. We offer clean and healthy job site adding more value to HSE.

Advantages of Schnell Putz

  • Premium quality
  • Regional product design & development
  • Wide product range
  • Prompt service & delivery
  • Quick response technical team
  • Specialized
  • Saves time and man power
  • Consistent quality throughout the project
  • Dry mix products require only the addition of water at site
  • Clean and healthy job site adding value to HSE
  • Most modern machines and tools for the application

Our Products

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